Competency Index for the Library Field

All classes are aligned to cover the basic competencies expected in the library field while remaining practical and approachable.


Storify: Reports of the Library’s Death have been Greatly Exaggerated 

An ongoing collection of news stories about libraries remaining relevant.


Resources for Accidental Catalogers

Books, materials, and online resources that every cataloger will find useful.  The books have been reviewed as appropriate for beginning and accidental catalogers.

Bibliographic Framework as a Web of Data: Linked Data Model and Supporting Services

The new,proposed model is simply called BIBFRAME, short for Bibliographic Framework. The new model is more than a mere replacement for the library community’s current model/format, MARC.  It is the foundation for the future of bibliographic description that happens on, in, and as part of the web and the networked world we live in.  It is designed to integrate with and engage in the wider information community while also serving the very specific needs of its maintenance community – libraries and similar memory organizations.

Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA
The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) is responsible for maintaining RDA: Resource Description and Access. JSC was previously responsible for maintenance of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR), which RDA has been developed to replace.

The Future of Libraries & Librarianship


"The Future of Librarianship"
     The Future of Librarianship (19 minute video)

“The greatest threat to librarianship is a lack of imagination.”

David R. Lankes