Training Mission & Statement        

back to basics in letterpress typeI specialize in beginning cataloging for those who have never cataloged, taught themselves, or want to get a firm grasp on the basics of why and how we catalog.  I do not teach advanced cataloging for those working in large research institutions or large libraries or archives.  However, I confidently teach to give a firm foundation, a big picture, and the tools to continue learning the topic getting more in depth in the particular area they are interested in as well as hand-on and practical knowledge so they can actually DO it. This is what I am most proud of.

My workshops are designed to give you the skills to . . .

  • understand how cataloging, classification, and Technical  Services fit into the larger scheme of things and work as a foundation for the ILS and the library collection itself.
  • describe how cataloging & classification helps people locate things
  • explain what Classification systems are, how a call number is created and assigned, and demonstrate the Dewey Decimal System
  • identify the parts of a book needed for cataloging
  • understand how a Subject Heading is constructed and how to assign one
  • recognize the different parts of a MARC record and understand its purpose
  • understand what is happening in the world of information management, apply the new rules of RDA, and keep up with all the changes without out going crazy.

With this new, practical knowledge:

—– You can begin exploring cataloging in your library

—– You’ll be able to ask better questions about cataloging

—– You’ll better understand the answers you find

We do not train you to use your specific computer cataloging system.

The best people to teach you about your particular computer system are the people who work for the company you bought it from. Teaching you to use your system is part of the service you purchased, so make them work for you. Most are very happy to work with you on how to get the best out of their product, even sending someone out to your library.

What you WILL learn that helps with your specific computer system is vocabulary so you can speak with your vendor and understand what they are saying, give you an understanding of the MARC record which is standard in every system, and teach you the fundamental rules of cataloging and classification that every library computer system is based on.

Cataloging & Information Management Workshops